What are waist beads?

Waist beads have many religious and spiritual meanings created by our ancestors in Africa. Many countries in Africa have different specific purposes for wearing them and their cultural intentions. Commonly women wear them to manage weight loss/gain as well as bloating and menstruation tracking. Many women also choose to wear them as an empowering self-love accessory, especially for confidence when our bodies change over the years, especially our stomachs after we have children.

For Weight Management: The beads fall lower on your waist as you shed inches and pounds, so you can visibly see your weight-loss results. Waist beads roll higher on your waist as you gain weight.
Weight-loss has never been easy for anyone and it especially has always been a hard task for women. Waist beads will not gage your progress by you doing nothing. You need to continue to hold yourself accountable by consistently doing your workouts and maintaining your healthy diet...only then the beads will continue to act as a full-time tracker.

Who Can Wear Them: Although originated in Africa, women across the world and of all ethnic backgrounds and faiths have enjoyed the divine benefits of wearing waist beads.


What is the difference between the screw on waist beads and the tie on waist beads?

Screw on waist beads is removable with a gold brass screw clasp. You can take them off whenever or keep them on. 

Screw on waist beads is removable with a gold brass screw clasp. The screw clasp is hypoallergenic. These waist beads are perfect if you are new to wearing waist beads or do not want to wear them all the time or permanently. However, you do have the option of keeping these on permanently!

You can bathe, shower, and swim while wearing your waist beads. We have a few colors that will fade if worn continuously, but you will see those specific colors identified in their description box. You can also wear them while sleeping. Once you become accustomed and comfortable with wearing them, you will start to forget that you have them on.

Many women wear them for fashion, monitoring and managing their weight, and spiritual/ religious reasons. Women also wear them to entice their partners; I promise they'll love to see you in them!

It is important to measure your waist correctly before purchasing. Measuring for waist beads is not the same as the size of your jeans. You must use a soft cloth measuring tape to measure. 

Tie on waist beads are permanent. Once you tie them on, the only way to take them off is to cut them off. However, some women successfully take them on and off by pulling them up over their breasts and head.


How do you know how many inches to order?

They can be worn by ALL waist sizes!
You must use a soft cloth measuring tape to measure your waist correctly on inches. 

How to measure video: 



Yes, pregnant women can wear waist beads. As your bump grows, the beads will slide up your belly. 


Yes, you can bathe in your waist beads and bracelets unless noted otherwise in the item description. 


Yes, you can sleep in your waist beads.


Yes, small children can wear waist beads. My daughter is six years old and is currently wearing 3 of them!


Returns: Please send us an email and we will be happy to provide the return details plus a complimentary return shipping label.


We do not accept custom orders.


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