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Screw On Waist Beads

African Waist Beads

Screw on waist beads is removable with a gold brass screw clasp. The screw clasp is hypoallergenic. These waist beads are perfect if you are new to wearing waist beads or do not want to wear them all the time or permanently. However, you do have the option of keeping these on permanently!

You can bathe, shower, and swim while wearing your waist beads. We have a few colors that will fade if worn continuously, but you will see those specific colors identified in their description box. You can also wear them while sleeping. Once you become accustomed and comfortable with wearing them, you will start to forget that you have them on.

Many women wear them for fashion, monitoring and managing their weight, and spiritual/ religious reasons. Women also wear them to entice their partners; I promise they'll love to see you in them!

It is important to measure your waist correctly before purchasing. Measuring for waist beads is not the same as the size of your jeans. You must use a soft cloth measuring tape to measure. 

Yes, pregnant women can wear waist beads. As your bump grows, the beads will slide up your belly.